Sports clubs

Cross-country skiing club Aux 4 Sommets

The members of the cross-country skiing club Aux 4 Sommets have the following advantages:

  • Affiliation with Ski Québec
  • Access to the ski center Aux 4 Sommets


Lanaudiere’s climbing club

Created in 2005, the club is affiliated to the FQME.

The club’s mission is to:

  • Inform the climbers of the events inside s in outside Lanaudiere.
  • Assure a local and open management of the climbing sites of the region, while promoting their secure development in respect to the traditions.
  • Promote the practice of climbing in a secure and legal manner.
  • In order to benefit from the climbing wall you must be a member of the FQME or purchase a daily pass. This membership is necessary to access the sites of the FQME network (if you don’t have a mountain access membership).
  • The daily pass allows a climber to reach one or several sites on the valid day(s) of his daily pass. This pass does not provide any individual third-party insurance or accident-compensation.

The cost is 10$ per person. You can subscribe by calling at 514.252.3004 (9h – 17h, Monday to Friday).


In-forest running club

Coming soon