The center

The mission!

Our sports center sets it its mission to procure high-quality infrastructures to a diverse clientele, whether for leisure, training or competition in the following sports, disciplines and outdoor activities : crosscountry skiing (classic and skate), forest snowshoeing, mountain biking, cyclocross, road cycling, triathlon, trail running and climbing. Our infrastructures allow sportives to maintain their physical shape while having access to the services of specialized trainers.

Code of ethics

  • Pick up the wax residues  after every waxing session;
  • Settle the rights for the use of the trails;
  • Yield the path during an overtaking;
  • Skate crosscountry skiing must ski exclusively  inside the zones surfaced for this purpose;
  • Respect the environment  et the service areas provided;
  • Wear apparently the membership card or the daily pass;
  • Respect all the regulations of the center Aux 4 Sommets.